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Nature's Perfect Food for Humanity

"feels as good as it heals"


Greta Gaines has a soul made of hemp. She has been creating hemp seed oil based solutions and products for skin care for family and friends for the last 10 years. Her work began in her kitchen and is growing into a national success. Motivated by frustration from not finding anything of high and consistent quality online and in retail stores, Greta Gaines began making her own skin care products. Greta didn't just want hemp to be in the skin care she wanted it to be the predominant ingredient in the skin care. Greta became enamored of the benefits of hemp when she met Neil Young and Willie Nelson in 2000, when she was performing alongside them at Farm Aid. Neil Young had a hemp bio-fuel powered tour bus and Greta had never heard of hemp seed let alone a bus that could run on it! In 2014 Greta sold her formulations to OmniCanna Health Solutions and the idea of The Hempery was born. She is now proud to serve The Hempery, as their CEO and President, and is 100% committed to turning as many people as possible on to the regenerative, anti-aging, moisturizing…one could almost say MIRACLE benefits of combining Hemp Seed Oil and Coconut Oil for the skin.


Greta says "Try some. You might get hooked. Because it feels as good as it heals!”

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